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The word idiot derives from the original Greek root idios which means unique to one's own self. A clown is an idiot in that sense.


I try to create shows that are very personal but that can be relevant, accessible and entertaining to others. I like to invite playfully an audience to be part of an emotional journey where they can all see something of themselves and laugh together in a moment of 

shared humanity. I draw from aspects of my life that I often find challenging. Those conflicting and difficult experiences are the ones that make us all the idiots we are.  

My shows reflect my training and background in physical theatre, masks, circus skills, improvisation and clown. I use text but primarily speak through image, tone, physicality and sound which means my shows can be toured internationally. 


I was born and grew up in Bilbao in a working-class family. My parents came from a generation which could not afford to even consider the idea of being an artist. When I was 26 I moved to London where I discovered theatre. I trained at Desmond Jones School of Mime and Physical Theatre and the International School of Corporeal Mime for 4 years. 

In my early 30s, I discovered clown with Mick Barnfather (Ecole Philippe Gaulier). In 2008 I trained in the Pochinko Clown Through Mask technique with Jonathan Young. I love this technique of clowning because it invites a deep personal journey from which your clown emerges. During this training, I met Charlie Blowers, founder of Moving Pieces and I have been working with her for more than 10 years. Moving Pieces is a theatre company specialising in devising theatre based on the life and personal stories of the artists. 

In 2019, while attending La Fira de Tarrega in Catalonia with director Jamie Wood, I decided to make my first solo show in collaboration with Jamie and start my own theatre company. Fly! Tomato! Fly! is my current show which we finished devising in July 2022 at Amata (Falmouth University) in Cornwall.

Over the past 10 years, I have also visited thousands of children in many hospitals across the UK as a qualified Giggle Doctor for the Theodora Children's Charity.  


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